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Urea Solution

Urea Solution for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and NOx reduction (Reagent Grade)

Industrial Solution Services owns and operates ammonia and urea distribution facilities throughout California. We are committed to the highest quality products and service in the industry and dedicated to safety.

Our quality products meet the needs of the urea market industry. Industrial Solution Services material meets or exceeds the stringent quality demands of the NOx reduction market.

With Urea being a non-hazardous material, it fits the needs of our customers, communities, and local regulations that may be concerned with more hazardous materials. Deliveries of Urea solution are made in dedicated stainless steel, and if required insulated tank trailers. Storage typically requires tank heating and insulation to maintain the urea solution above the salt-out temperature. The freezing point of liquid urea depends on the concentration.

DEF (PureAir 32) Urea is a 32 % solution of high-purity, reagent grade, synthetically produced urea in de-mineralized water. It is a safe-to-use fluid. Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is used in diesel engines with SCR systems to reduce emissions.