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Dear Power Industry Professional,

We welcome and thank you for providing us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We believe the literature and information in this website will be of interest to you and your organization.

Industrial Solution Services, Inc. supplies High Purity Reagent Grade Urea Solution, as well as Urea Storage Tanks and Handling Systems, for NOx control in power generation projects. Due to increasing regulations, Urea has become more popular than the traditional ammonia based reagents for use in this application.

In addition, Industrial Solution Services, Inc. partners with designers, manufacturers and licensees of SCR and SNCR systems for specific projects.  Due to the potential for vast variations in designs and for unique parameters of a specific power generation project, our customer service and operational team is available to consult with your Engineering or Operational members on such items as Tank

Designs, Tank Installations, Storage Environments, Delivery Methods, Delivery Logistics and any other specific needs relative to your project.

We have several strategically located facilities on the west coast to service substantial Reagent Grade Urea requirements. 

Combined with over 100 years experience in related technical and operational support, we are proud of our abilities to serve you.

Please review our website and if you have any questions or need further assistance please do not hesitate to ask us. We can provide you with additional information by email or via a visitation to your project site for a comprehensive consultation or review.

We welcome any opportunity to work with you on your projects.

Allen E. Armstrong