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Equipment Facilities


1. Mixing tanks, storage tanks, pumps, piping and hoses are maintained at the blending site exclusively for the production of High Purity Urea Solution. All materials of construction, including storage tanks, pumps, valves and piping are stainless steel. Protection from all potential sources of contamination to the blending site are maintained, including potential contamination from raw materials used in the process such as deionized water.

2. Dry Urea is ordered from a dedicated source and transported and delivered to the blend site in clean dedicated transfer equipment in order to maintain purity and reduce potential for contamination.

3. Dry Urea is blended with deionized water, under agitation and heat induced conditions, to a concentration of either 32.5% or 40%, as required. Batch sizes are determined by the quantity of Dry Urea transported and transferred to the mixing tank for blending into High Purity Urea Solution. 50 tons of Dry Urea and deionized water (approx. 18,000 gallons) will yield approximately 27,000 gallons of High Purity Urea Solution at a concentration of 40%.

4. Samples from each production batch are taken and checked for clarity. All samples are checked in a glass container and should be clear, without any noticeable discoloration or impurities. Samples are marked by date and batch size and retained for three months. Samples will be subject to further periodic analysis to determine compliance to published specifications and properties.

5. All finished High Purity Urea Solution product is filtered before loading into dedicated delivery vessels. A fine mesh size membrane fitering system is used.