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Product Specifications


Product Specification


Ammonium hydroxide (aqua ammonia) covered by this specification will meet ACS Reagent Grade requirements as follows:

Assay18.5% - 30% NH₃
AppearanceColorless and free from suspended matter or sediment
Residue after ignition<0.0001%
Carbon Dioxide (CO₂)<0.002%
Chloride (CI)<0.5 ppm
Phosphate (PO₄)<0.5 ppm
Total Sulfur (SO₄)<2.0 ppm
Heavy Metals (Pb)<0.5 ppm
Iron (Fe)<0.2 ppm
Nitrate<0.2 ppm
Substance Reducing PermanganatePass
All High Purity Reagent Grade Solution shipped from manufacturing facility is transported in dedicated vessels to assure product quality.

The information on this sheet is deemed to be accurate at time of publishing. Industrial Solution Services, Inc. makes no guarantee, warrantee or other representations, express or implied, concerning the use of this date or product, since conditions and recommendations for use are beyond the control of the company. Users of this product are advised to conduct their own tests to determine suitability for use in their specific applications. Industrial Solution Services, Inc. disclaims any liability or responsibility for loss or damages incurred in connection with the use of this date and product, including violation of any current or pending patents.